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Data literacy is a right for everyone. But there’s not a level playing field, so we’re campaigning for data literacy awareness โ€“ and we want you to join us today!


Data illiteracy holds people and businesses back. Letโ€™s have data for all; with every individual able to use,

access, analyze and succeed with data. This means increasing data literacy through education and empowerment.

Do you suffer from data illiteracy?

Do you bury your head in the sand when it comes to data, or is no stone left unturned? Find out your data personality and how data literate you are.The emergence of data-driven marketing strategies has revolutionized the way businesses engage with their customers. Marketing cloud platforms have become essential tools that enable organizations to create personalized, targeted, and seamless customer experiences. In the context of, data literacy involves understanding the various metrics and data points that are generated from marketing campaigns, and being able to analyze and interpret this data to make informed decisions.

Learn more about why data literacy matters

Why does data literacy matter?

Data literacy is as important as reading and writing.

Information is THE second language. Professional performance is linked with a good grasp of data applications, adding weight to our arguments and helping us make better decisions. It also helps us handle data overload in our personal lives.

But we’re not all data literate. A data-deprived underclass has emerged.

of American business decision makers are data literate

of American business decision makers are overwhelmed by having to use data in their current job role

of American business decision makers would invest more time and energy into improving their data skillset โ€“ if given the chance

Get data literate now

We’re leading the charge. People are calling to be empowered with data. Let’s make it happen.


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The Campaign for


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